Stress, Work, and Coming Alive: a Weekday Post

Reading a book on the metro after a day staring into a screen, cutting pictures with mouse-clicks, carving stories out with a keyboard like a plastic knife on granite and wringing information out of disgruntled cameraman. I’ve got work on the brain.

How to come alive here? What about all my resolutions to go slowly, live in the present, savor the moment? Sleep-deprived, stressed, deadlines clawing at my shoulders and I know I’m feeling sorry for myself after last night’s late rush home and unpleasant news.

Mother Teresa says, here on the page I’m turning, that we should do small things with great love. She says that our bad attitude, wrong thinking, and misguided motivations sabotage the work. Malcolm Muggeridge says God’s interested in little things – that He’s always been fond of doing much with little – since Noah and the ark, and Moses in the reed basket.

So maybe I’m just supposed to focus on the work here and now with a joyful heart, and let God take care of the results….

The little things – the phone calls, and tone of voice, and bureaucratic emails – are good. They’re important. And God delights in my joyful, excellent execution of these hundred yipping tasks.

Pride is my downfall even here – letting the anger creep into my work, and thinking that these small things don’t matter.

But they do.

Small things with great love.

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