The Last of Winter Thanks

Here it is – the last of winter thanks before spring gets the official Russian stamp of approval tomorrow. SPRING BEGINS ON MARCH 1ST (never mind the snow!). So now it’s spelled out – a list piled high like winter layers shoveled up beside the road of what I’m thankful for:

  • 245. the sun and crisp ice, blue sky and light polishing all the gold domes and slick streets and red walls
  • 246. the failure that brings me back to Him
  • 247. for the book that allows me to ‘listen to God through her writing’
  • 248. waking up on Monday, excited to go to work
  • 249. a SUPER interesting interview
  • 250. free art magazines
  • 251. easy, interesting edits
  • 252. economist husband meeting me at the metro after a long day at work
  • 253. fruit day at work on Tuesday
  • 254. emails, photographs, phone calls, interviews, writing, editing, talking (I love my job!!!)
  • 255. work ends late at 10:15 and I want to keep going
  • 256. getting paid to do what I’d do in my free time anyway
  • 257. having them all treat me like I’m a real journalist
  • 258. crappy days that God still redeems
  • 259. the internet
  • 260. economist husband coming home at 7pm – can’t remember the last time he got off work so early!
  • 261. cafe with Parisian friend – real conversation with someone from the other side of the world
  • 262. stopping in to see in-laws and feeling so welcome!
  • 263. quiet evening in – dinner, candles, economist husband listening to Russian political commentary online
  • 264. lunch with a friend – conversation with someone who likes to talk off on rabbit trails, grab new subjects out of the air, and understands my very non-linear thinking patterns!
  • 265. books so good and so radical that maybe they should be outlawed in some countries
  • 266.  pretty new table cloth
  • 267. Maslenitsa (pancake week!) with Lent soon to follow
  • 268. “You write the script – you always write so nicely, like candy” from coworker in Georgia
  • 270. answers to scared, desperate, bleary-eyed prayers (He really does hear us, and really does answer!)
  • 271. Economist husband waiting outside the office with hugs to take me home after the most stressful day of work ever.
  • 272. Quiet sick day off – sleep, toast, tea and rest
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