February Thanks

February is here. The days are that much longer and lighter with sunshine lighting up the crackling-frosty days and snow piled high on the sidewalks like Napoleon layer cake.

I can tell it’s been too long since I’ve done this. The days have all blurred together, and not appreciating them, I’m afraid they’re gone forever. This is a bit of what I can remember. Giving thanks for the past makes the present so much brighter!



  • 226. red nail polish
  • 227. economist husband washing all the dishes
  • 228. after-work English pub with colleagues
  • 229. creamy purple smoothies and savory magenta borscht
  • 230. economist husband bragging to his co-workers about my soup-cooking skills
  • 231. in-law visit – sweet, slow, quiet – feeling their love and support. I love having family here!
  • 232. toast for breakfast
  • 233. Hebrews 11
  • 234. box of blueberries as thanks from my boss
  • 235. bright sunny morning with frosty trees and blue sky and all the people hurrying by in their coats and hoods
  • 236. LOST – a new show for winter evenings cuddling on the couch with economist husband
  • 237. Coffee with a coworker – hashing out problems and inspiration for new solutions
  • 238. Valentine’s Day flowers from economist husband
  • 239. cold February sunshine
  • 240. answers to prayer – feeling God slowing forging forward
  • 241. the still quiet and beeswax candles inside our yellow neighborhood church on my way home from the metro
  • 242. books you underline and think about all day
  • 243. after-work yoga – stretching out all the stress
  • 244. Sunny Sunday afternoon brunch out with friends
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