January Sunday Thanks

I love Sunday afternoons. We’re resting quiet and happy at home after friends and a sermon and singing at church. I feel full, and a bit like a hot-water heater – just glowing with warmth – full with all the conversations and hugs and friends back from winter holidays. Chili is bubbling in the kitchen and we’ve got oranges and nuts for snacks in the living room with an early winter sunset spilling pink and shadows onto all our white-canvas walls.

What did I do to deserve all of this? I think back on the wasted time this week, the mistakes at work, the emails I didn’t write, the phone calls to friends and family I didn’t make. I should be heavy – weighed down with the selfishness of how I’ve hidden away in hobbies instead of engaging, and I’ve overeaten on silly things, and how the floor hasn’t been vacuumed in weeks.

And yet, in spite of all my blundering, I have all of THIS! So much to be thankful for – a week full of grace, and friends and kindness, and second-chances.

I like this quiet in the afternoon – the sunset of an old week, looking over the brink of a new, empty one. It’s a time to regroup, to rest, to worship and…to give thanks!

I’m thankful for the gifts of…

  • 208. A new friend! Even as old, dear friends make their plans to leave, God starts to provide new ones
  • 209. Hot, spicy, buttery mulligatawny soup.
  • 210. The U.S. Embassy in Moscow. They’re so helpful, and make me so proud of my country and my blue passport
  • 211. Long days of work, making mistakes, in-over-my-head, a bit panicky, and man, I love my job!
  • 212. Feeling like a professional – making decisions, fingers flying over the keyboard, scrolling through the film – editing, clipping, cutting, rearranging, seeing it all come together. Have I mentioned that I love my job?
  • 213. Encouragement and advice from my boss
  • 214. Good news from home over Skype. Answers to prayer, moving in the right direction
  • 215. Forgiveness from friends, even though I’m late
  • 216. Coming home to economist husband – the hug at the door right away and the smile
  • 217. Harry Potter, Book 4
  • 218. Episodes of Friends on dvd
  • 219. Getting to read and learn about interesting stuff because it’s my job: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE70D26I20110114
  • 220. Working hard, getting stretched
  • 221. Sunday morning breakfast with a friend – tea, omlets, croissants, and getting caught up
  • 222. Economist husband who wakes up extra early to drive me in the cold to said breakfast meeting with friend
  • 223. All our friends coming back from their holidays, filling up the church hall, and talking until late, and the building starts closing down.
  • 224. Encouragement about writing…
  • 225. Phone calls, friends, work, Moscow’s filling in and picking up again…
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