A First Week of 2011 Thankful

holy experience It’s a quiet gray winter afternoon. Moscow is slowly waking up from the long New Year holidays. Angry car horns from the snarled traffic outside on the street – something I haven’t heard for almost 10 days. Sitting in the corner of our messy living room – the radiator heat soaking into my desk and elbow I think back on the first week of the year. I’ve gotten out of the habit of counting my blessings and without the thankfulness I feel dried out and a little lost – the way your throat feels scratchy right before you get a cold. Time to start counting some of the good the new year has brought in:

  • 192. New Year morning – waking up on my in-law’s couch. Quiet morning of hot tea, hushed kitchen conversations and leftovers (help yourself, my dear – anything in the fridge! Just make yourself at home!) for breakfast.
  • 193. Quiet walk through the snow and icy branches in Moscow Region
  • 194. Friends and family that just let you relax and be yourself
  • 195. Blazing fireplace, New Year champagne toasts, roast turkey, homemade Napoleon cake and tea from a pine cone-burning samovar around a table with friends
  • 196. Calling home during economist husband’s long-deserved work holiday, asking him what he’s doing and hearing, “Playing video games”
  • 197. Boeuf Bourginon recipe success!
  • 198. Getting called into work and being the only one in the entire newsroom – having to figure it all out on my own.
  • 199. Emails and sms’s from friends; let’s get together for coffee
  • 200. Skype calls from home
  • 201. Poetry and prayer – Valley of Vision: A collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions
  • 202. Good books – on the metro and at home on our couch
  • 203. Sunday lunch at my favorite Moscow cafe with economist husband and friends. Quiche lorraine, tea and almond croissant. Real conversation and finding new friends.
  • 204. inspiration and late-night writing
  • 205. Economist husband deep in his favorite: trend analysis.
  • 206. Time to be quiet and soak it all in
  • 207. New Year resolutions
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