First Week of Work

holy experience

It’s all kind of a blur looking back – a hard, happy kiss at the airport, violent food-poisoning sickness on Tuesday, snowy trips to the bank, whirlwind exhausted birthday cake baking, hours tipped on the edge of my computer chair at work, and a strange smell in our kitchen that won’t go away….

I’m so glad to be back in Moscow!!! God really knows the timing that is best for us. He has really blessed us these last few months, fitting in all the details of our lives like happy puzzle pieces. It’s been a thankful week of seeing a glimpse of the big picture He’s been working on for so long.

Thank you, Jesus!

  • 178. a whole Sunday of economist husband after 4 long weeks of sad, lonely husbandlessness!
  • 179. flowers and kisses at the airport
  • 180. days of jubilant, “thank you for coming!” from my man
  • 181. Getting stuff done – the bank and the phone calls and the paperwork, accomplished
  • 182. New hat, new boots, new blue scarf
  • 183. Cheerful new coworkers with a good sense of humor and patience to answer all my questions
  • 184. Monday afternoon in a smoky Shokoladnitsa, catching up with a friend
  • 185. answered prayers
  • 186. that I LOVE my new job!
  • 187. interesting interviews
  • 188. jet lag that gets me up at 5 am, bright-eyed to start a new day of work
  • 189. Early morning Bible studies – the thankfulness, joy, peace it brings
  • 190. birthday cake and beef stroganoff success
  • 191. Sunday morning hello’s from friends at church
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