Minnesota Thanks

I haven’t spent so much time at home in three years. We came at the last of the sunny, orange-tree days of October and I left at the end of frosty November. Six weeks of time in Minnesota to be thankful for!

  • 138. the aspen trees in our back yard
  • 139. Bike riding to the bank.
  • 140. Hiking in the rocks near Taylors’ Falls
  • 141. warm new boots and a pretty new coat – presents from economist husband who is so good at taking care of me
  • 142. butter burgers and frozen custard with grandpa and brother – even the waitresses are enjoying it

  • 143. Theater ticket gifts from an aunt – actress cousin coming to our seats to say hello
  • 144. Bonfires and friends – seeing new wedding rings, hearing their stories, holding their new babies.
  • 145. Grandma in our living room – eating oreos and giving shopping advice
  • 146. Good old Minnesota – muted fall colors, stone architecture, Caribou Coffee and endless wool sweater style variations.
  • 147. Grandparents’ peach living room – sitting on the couch and talking. Soaking in their love and support.

  • 148. Good sermons
  • 149. Lunch and wisdom from our pastor friend
  • 150. Greasy diner breakfast with brother – ordering “Moon over my hammy” and getting jittery off of cups of filtered coffee
  • 151. hellos in church
  • 152. antique shopping with mom – an old, flowery tablecloth
  • 153. Farm dinner with grandma and aunts/uncles. Potatoes, parsnips and a crock-pot roast.
  • 154. Grandma’s magazine stories – decades old – her memories from an old manuscript.

  • 155. Hard conversations with friends – painful words that cut deep into your heart, like surgery
  • 156. lunch at Panera Bread
  • 157. Answers to our prayers in the courtroom
  • 158. WalMart
  • 159. Sister, who opens up her life and picks us up from the airport, and spends all her weekends with us – who always makes us laugh and has somehow become my dear, dear friend.

  • 160. Wii Dance!
  • 161. Brother in law, who grills us hamburgers and invites us up for horseback riding on his family’s farm.
  • 162. Laughter and dumb jokes, sitting around a campfire, kindness radiating warmth like flames from the glowing scrap lumber.

  • 163. Bike riding to the top of the hill with dad to watch a November sunset – clouds like foam on a pink cappuccino
  • 164. Hard conversations – late over burgers – telling the truth and watching anger turn into love.
  • 165. Jane Austen flicks, late at night with mom
  • 166. Picking up a friendship right where we left it with Carbonara pasta recipes, and laughter
  • 167. sleepovers with sister
  • 168. Beautiful Halloween morning – pink sunrise, mist over the river, blue skies over the airport  and frost-laced leaves and rosebuds
  • 169. Eating half the trick-or-treat candy and ignoring the doorbell for wii games and movies with sister and brother-in-law

  • 170. Barnes and Noble used book section
  • 171. Driving up into the woods, watching the sun set over the lake and sleeping in the quiet cabin with friends and family near by.
  • 172. Lessons on how to load and shoot a rifle
  • 173. Mom, getting up early and rushing the electronics store to help me get a good deal
  • 174. late-night kitchen talks with a friend
  • 175. early-morning emails from economist husband, half a world away
  • 176. Prayers and kindness from women’s Bible study
  • 177. Thanksgiving with family – the turkey, and teasing, and crafts, and small, close gathering. So much to be grateful for!
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