I miss them…

It feels a bit like you might feel if you haven’t showered for weeks and have been living outside in the cold, maybe at a bus stop, in the winter. Then you come into a warm, clean room – out of the dark cold- and take off all your smelly clothes and get into a bubble bath, just letting the grime and dirt slid off of you as the warm water soaks into your skin, turning your fingers, and toes raisin-y, and reaching deep inside of you until even your very hard little heart is rosy and clean again.

breakfast in Minnesota

breakfast in Minnesota

Minnesota has been great. I’ve forgotten how nice it is to be surrounded by family and friends, and pleasant store clerks. Almost two months of soaking it all in – I didn’t even realize how stiff I’d become without them.

I miss this – being close to family and friends – surrounded by their love and support. I miss the weddings and baby showers, coffee dates, and big church potlucks. I miss the long talks, and smiling interactions – the buzz you get from being with the person with whom you used to stay up late at night playing scrabble and eating yogurt in college. I miss being a part of their lives.

So I’m thankful to be here for now. I’m thankful to reconnect with them. Thankful to be reminded of the person I used to be. And I’m thankful for the gentle kindness that melts away my frozen little heart-shell.

Moscow’s rudeness, and ever-disappearing friends scare me. I think that closing myself off to new people, new interactions will help protect me. I’ve thought I’d save myself by being reserved and aloof. Turns out the selfishness only makes you mean.

I’m thankful for the wake up call.

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8 Responses to I miss them…

  1. Maryfran says:

    AHHH we miss you too and are thankful for the visits!

  2. Phyllis says:

    I miss when you were writing here! How are you?

  3. Hey Phyllis! I’m doing really well – glad to hear that there are people still reading here. I’ve been SO BUSY lately! Just started a new job and it’s been like 12-hour days, 5 days a week. I’m really, really enjoying it, but not finding much time for blogging left over…. Love to keep updated with the Hunsuckers though…especially your new “Saturday Evening Post” 🙂 What a good idea! Also, I hear congratulations are in order? Boy or girl? Any names picked out?? You guys have a beautiful family!

  4. Phyllis says:

    Thanks! I’m just now getting back over here, and I’m happy to see that you’re writing again. We’re expecting a boy, and, unfortunately, we don’t have any boy names. We joke about Jaan the Second, since that’s the only boy name we’ve ever really agreed on. 🙂

  5. Phyllis says:

    Wait, I didn’t mean that it’s unfortunate that we’re having a boy! I’m excited about that part. It’s just that boy names are harder than girl names.

    • 🙂 🙂 So exciting! Do you guys try to find something that works in both languages as well?? I feel like there are only about 12 names that sound good in both russian and english….but you guys have managed to find at least three great names that I’ve never thought of! Does adding Ukrainian to the mix help widen the field??

      • Phyllis says:

        So, what are your 12 names? 🙂 Yes, we really try to find something that works in both languages, without having to change it. (We don’t want to have half the world calling our child one name, and half the world calling him another, if that makes any sense.) Ukrainian names are pretty much the same as Russian, and even if we chose a real Ukrainian name, they’d probably automatically use the Russian version here.

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