Florida Thanks

Last minute plane tickets, a day of flying and we’re in Florida for a sunny week before winter starts! So much to be thankful for:

gulf coast at sunset
gulf coast at sunset
  • 119. Palm trees, neon lights, excitement at the Orlando airport
  • 120. A late-night trip to Waffle House
  • 121. Blue, framed pictures of seashells in our hotel room and clean, white sheets
  • 122. Sitting by the pool, squinting in the sun, being close and talking out what’s really going on in our hearts, brains, souls.
  • 123. Mom and brother joining us for two days! What an answer to prayer!
  • 124. Steak dinner on a warm, dark night – laughing, joking, being together.
  • 125. Salty sea water splashing on our feet, dragging away the sand
salty sea water!

salty sea water!

  • 126. Blue Angel jets roaring overhead, skimming the ocean wave spray
  • 127. Jumping into the waves, letting them carry you away
  • 128. Watching brother navigate a sailboat
  • 129. HGTV
  • 130. delicious fruit smoothies and waffles for breakfast
breakfast in Florida!
breakfast in Florida!
  • 131. Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine!
  • 132. Waking up to the sunshine
  • 133. White cottonball clouds, blowing in from the coast
  • 134. Palm trees, hibiscus flowers, seaweed, birds of paradise
  • 135. Kalamari and Greek belly-dancers
  • 136. “The best of the best” with old friends
  • 137. New ideas, bigger dreams…








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