Indian Summer Thanks

The days, the weeks are flying by!

Chistye Prudy with my mobile phone camera

Chistye Prudy with my mobile phone camera

Gratitude has been cultivating lightness, freedom, whimsy in my life. I can taste grace like the clear-blue September sky. With grace comes freedom, and with freedom comes creativity. How counter-intuitive that discipline gives birth to freedom. But it’s true! What can I say?

Anyway, here is this week’s harvest of gratitude and creativity:

  • 94. Busy, productive days
  • 94. Sunshine and Babye Leto
  • 96. Pretty clothes
  • 97. Seeing friends from Minnesota in Moscow
  • 98. Gifts from Minnesota – books, boots, and birds!
  • 99. Seeing friends from Viazniki – Dyadya Vanya’s boundless energy, and Ukrainian home recipes. Kostya’s jokes, and pretty bride-to-be
  • 100. Amazing curry. Seriously, I am such a good cook!
  • 101. A spice grinder from my father-in-law – fresh, fragrant corriander, cumin, pepper, garlic for said amazing curry
  • 102. A fun new class of students
  • 103. coffee
  • 104. rain-sunshine-rain-sunshine
  • 105. Good news from home
  • 106. A crazy family that I love
  • 107. Skype conversations with mom
  • 108. Sms’s from my brother
  • 109. Answered prayers
  • 110. Economist husband
  • 112. Rainy Saturday at warm Le Pain near Smolenskaya with one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had
  • 113. Singing practice in a drafty, cold library auditorium
  • 114. Sunday lunch with friends at (seriously) the BEST cafe in Moscow!
  • 115. Sunday dinner with in-laws
  • 116. Plane tickets! October in Minnesota!!
  • 117. A kind, honest mother-in-law
  • 118. Tasting God’s daily grace
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2 Responses to Indian Summer Thanks

  1. Phyllis says:

    Kostya’s getting married?!? You got to see some of my favorite people?! More, please. Tell me more. šŸ™‚

    • Yeah! They got engaged in like August I think. The wedding is on October 2, and we’re going out to Vladimir for it! Pictures sure to come šŸ™‚ It was really, really great seeing them. I love that family!!

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