multitude monday

holy experience

Things I’ve been thankful for this week

  • 72. a patient husband who can handle my emotional roller coasters
  • 73. a husband who washes the dishes! I can unleash my culinary storms of inspiration with abandon in the kitchen, and he takes care of the messy aftermath!
  • 74. quiet offices and conference rooms in skyscrapers that let me alone to read and work on windy mornings after my classes are over
  • 75. free cappuccino’s from said skyscraper-office employee lounges!
  • 76. free copies of my favorite newspaper, The Moscow Times, for metro reading 🙂
  • 77. Ratatouille and red wine dinners with economist husband
  • 78. The blue and yellow porcelain tea set with the peacock on it my in-laws gave me. I love it! I love making pots of tea and having parties with small sandwiches, muffins and scones…
  • 79. emails from my favorite sister.
  • 80. a husband who is totally supportive of me taking weeks off work, and paying hundreds of dollars to fly across the world to hang out with family while he’s stuck at work
  • 80. Economist husband’s boss who keeps encouraging him to go on vacation with me in October…!
  • 82. Last minute class cancellations – I get paid to stay home and read!
  • 83. Cream of carrot soup, ginger lemonade, free coffee and a lemony sugar cookie at a fantastic new cafe.
  • 84. Constructive criticism
  • 85. Crispy, sunny, blue-sky days
  • 86. Night-time coffee shop meetings with friends – ideas foaming over like cappuccino froth
  • 87. Evening strolls through Moscow’s old center with economist husband
  • 88. Long Pizza Hut conversations with girlfriends – I can’t remember the last time I just sat and talked with a girlfriend
  • 89. Silly photographic poses with colleagues
  • 90. Saturday morning brunch with girls – croissants, fruit, cakes, egg casserole, and soothing conversation for my feminine soul!
  • 91. A BIKE RIDE (!) in Moscow Region
  • 92. Visiting our dear friend and cousin at his dacha – walks in the woods, exploring wooden houses of Soviet opera singers, roasted lamb shashlyk, Spanish wine, and fantastic conversation.
  • 93. Lazy Sunday in with economist husband
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