Giving Thanks in September

holy experience

A few of the things I’m thankful for this week…

  • 56. Pretty flowers from my husband, “Just because I love you”
  • 57. We got a blender! We’ve experimented with watermelon and peach smoothies so far…looking forward to milkshakes, creamy soups and sauces…
  • 58. Feeling like I’m getting the hang of judging news stories
  • 59. The Uzbek bakery near our house – fresh baguettes, lavash and lepeshki hot from the oven all the way home.
  • 60. tea party (lemon cranberry cream scones!) with girlfriends on Friday afternoon
  • 61. A relatively good visit to the УФМС that didn’t end with me shaking and in tears. I got all my questions answered, and it looks like at least part of my expensive paperwork is all in order to proceed with trying to get my residency permit!
  • 62. Late-night dinner with friends – discussing books, Bible studies, fall retreats, welcoming new people into our group, and how funny Russians, Americans and Brits all are…
  • 63. Quiet sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy days
  • 64. Drinking gallons of lemon tea inside with my poor, sick man…
  • 65. This and this new book to read!
  • 66. Actually getting enough sleep (lots of morning class cancellations) – it’s  amazing how much energy I have. It IS possible to stay awake without coffee!
  • 67. A great, encouraging phone conversation with someone who understands a bit of what my family is going through.
  • 68. Our church is meeting in a more central location – it’s fun to welcome a bunch of new people, and start a new year!
  • 69. A birthday party with friends, hot tea, and a massive frosted cake
  • 70. Discovering a quiet, new, no-smoking coffee shop with excellent prices!
  • 71. Dinner at my father-in-law’s and new chicken-mushroom-rice recipes

What a great week!

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One Response to Giving Thanks in September

  1. Maryfran says:

    What a blessing to me, it is to read how God is blessing you.

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