Fall is Here!

Summer has ended rather abruptly in Moscow. A week and a half ago the pavement was broiling, the heat oppressive, wildfires choked the city outskirts, and thirsty tree leaves were brown and crispy on the edges like donuts. Then, in the span of about 72 hours, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees Celcius, the wind started blowing, and autumn was upon us.

Normally I hate fall. It means that summer is over, the green will all die, and winter is just around the corner. I hate the cold, the dying leaves, the blowing wind, the rain. This year, however, I found myself excited that summer was over. It’s been rather a sudden change, I’ll admit, but after 2 months of oppressive heat, melting pavement, and choking smog, I’m pretty happy about a change.

Here are some of the things I’m excited about for fall:

  • bright sunshine, clean blue skies
  • pretty changing leaves
  • making soups, and lots of recipes with potatoes, apples, and pumpkin
  • drinking hot tea with scones, apple crisp or buttered toast
  • wearing pretty scarves and jackets
  • cuddling under the covers in the cold
  • lighting candles
  • long walks in the park
  • buying back-to-school notebooks for writing
  • starting my new job soon!
  • hopefully visiting my family soon!
  • friends coming back to Moscow from summer vacation

I find myself full of energy with the heatwave gone. My house is cleaner, I’m getting more work done, and I’m enjoying cooking again when I don’t have to roast alongside the food inside of my own kitchen.

On the subject of cooking, I’ve been drooling over the website Smitten Kitchen. So many fantastic recipes and gorgeous photos. You should check it out.

Yay! Fall is here!! (this, in my opinion should be joyfully sung according to the tune from Friends below)

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