holy experience

A few of the blessings from this week:

  • 27. Riding to church in our lovely air conditioned (finally fixed!) car!
  • 28. Friends coming back to Moscow from vacation
  • 29. The first juicy pink watermelons of the season
  • 30. A great sermon
  • 31. Lazy Sunday night dinner at our in-laws’. We hadn’t been for a few weeks and I really missed them. Yummy grape-leaf-wrapped dolma with fragrant black bread – it totally rocks to have a Russian father in law who loves cooking! And one of the best parts? No dishes!
  • 32. Blue skies, clear air, and cooler temperatures. A cold front moved into Moscow on Thursday – I’ve never been so excited for cloudy skies and rain!
  • 33. Coffee, almond croissants, and fantastic conversation with a friend on Friday
  • 34. Thursday night picnic on a park bench with my husband.
  • 35. The show, “Friends”. I’d never watched the series. My Russian husband has the lines memorized, and I’m finally catching up with my own pop culture. I’ve quickly become addicted this summer.
  • 36. The big, green city parks near our house. Taking long Saturday walks, crunching on leaves, people-watching and reading on benches.
  • 37. Warm hugs, kind words, and a beautiful porcelain dish present from a father-in-law who gives gifts, “just in case you forgot that I love you”!
  • 38. Falling real estate prices in the USA. We’ve been scanning online ads, and daydreaming…
  • 39. My visa is ready – I am now legally able to stay in Russia for another year!
  • 40. A call from our cousin, and invitation to visit. I love having family in this country.

—-> here’s more on my One Thousand Gifts project

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3 Responses to Thankful!

  1. Maryfran says:

    What wonderful things to be thankful for!

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  3. Pingback: Is life really better or do I just appreciate it more? | Breakfast in Moscow

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