Summer Sunday Series of Thanks!

holy experience

Is it really mid-August already? Another summer week gone by. Not to let the days slip by unappreciated, here (as a part of my One Thousand Gifts campaign) is a list of a few of the things I am so thankful for this week!

  • 15. Our air conditioner! Really, we love it. It came with the apartment, and we are so thankful to have it this summer!
  • 16. Giant vines of pale green Kish Mish grapes on sale near the metro for only 90 rubles. Yum!
  • 17. Fresh air – rain last night left us with clear blue skies, dewy-wet streets, and smog-free air this morning!
  • 18. A quiet early morning of newspaper reading and writing in the Independent Media employee lounge – fresh copies of the Moscow Times, International Herald Tribune, and free espresso
  • 19. Evening walks in the cooler weather –  giant park trees, babushki in flowered dresses sitting on the benches (I wonder who they are, where they’re from, and what their story is?). Pink skies, fresh air, and orange sunsets…
  • 20. Friends coming back to Moscow – Tuesday day out with D. Coffee, milkshakes, hamburgers, shopping, talking, and even a late birthday present! Thanks, D!
Beautiful teacup birthday present - thanks, D!

Beautiful teacup birthday present - thanks, D!

  • 21. Our car is finally fixed! After 2 months of promising to have it ready “in a few days at the latest,” the repair shop finally gave us the car back. Economist husband reported singing, “I finally have my life back!” all the way to work this morning. He is really happy to escape the sauna subway and be able to drive to tennis games, work and quality grocery stores! We are so thankful to have our car back!
  • 22. Couch dinners with my man – crunchy salads, cuisine experiments, and long talks, excited about work challenges, and investment strategies
  • 23. emails and Skype chats from friends. I’m so blessed to have friends faithful enough to stay in touch, even though I’m so far away!
  • 24. A disagreement with my husband. I generally hate conflict, but there is lots to be thankful for in this – better understanding, and growing closer to begin with!
  • 25. Loads of inspiration, and plenty of time to work on what I love…
  • 26. Sunny Saturday afternoon and free coffee/tea working in the IKEA cafeteria with my man. Me typing away on writing project, and him researching financial and economic news.
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