Happy 14-month Anniversary!

wedding day

wedding day

Exactly 14 months ago, I was getting my hair-curled and stepping into a lacy white gown from David’s Bridal. My husband (then nervous groom) was trying to make it back to the church in time to put on a rental tux.

To celebrate our year-and-two-months of marriage, we had a blueberry pancake breakfast in bed before work this morning. I am so thankful for this amazing, fulfilling, freedom-giving surprise of a relationship that God has given me. My husband is, literally, a daily gift from God!

Yesterday, as I was clacking over the Moscow River to Smolenskaya station in a metro car I started thinking about all the stuff I’ve learned in our first fourteen months of life together. Looking back, here’s a list – fourteen things for fourteen months!

  1. Sometimes relationship books don’t help. The silly expectations they set can do more harm than good.
  2. The challenge of an international marriage is not so much about the cultural differences as it is about the immigration papers.
  3. At least one of us will always be a foreigner
  4. Sometimes my husband is right. Actually, I do get it wrong now and then.
  5. I feel more free after marriage than before! My man is such a rock of support – he makes me feel like I can fly!
  6. We have great in-laws. What a blessing!
  7. My husband is great at picking out gifts for boys. This is a very useful skill that I have always been sadly lacking in. He is also, among other things, good at math. As Napoleon Dynamite once said, “Girls like boys who have skills.”
  8. We have a lot to learn and lots of areas need improvement, but it’s not worth freaking out over.
  9. Nagging is evil, and it never works anyway.
  10. Prayer works! It really does. It is always good. It’s also always better than nagging.
  11. I am so happy to find out that I actually love my husband more and more every day. It’s not downhill after the honeymoon’s over. In fact, I love him way more now than I did on our wedding day!
  12. I’m so glad to be in a long-term vows-before-God relationship. I need all the grace of an in-it-for-life relationship that I can get!!
  13. Marriage rocks.
  14. My husband really loves me. He really, seriously does.

P.S. Reading this over for approval, economist husband came up with another thing that, while not a surprise to me, defies many stereotypes that foreigners have of Russians – there really is such a thing as true love. Not all Russians marry westerners just to get green cards or EU passports!

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5 Responses to Happy 14-month Anniversary!

  1. Maryfran says:

    Such Wisdom! Your blog today gave me joy!

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  3. I’m getting my green card 🙂 Hurray!

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