Lazy, Smoky Summer Days…

A smoky Red Square

A smoky Red Square

The park out my window looks like the opening scene in Avatar – massive green tree tops covered with billowing white clouds. With the hot drought weather in Moscow, the city is surrounded with massive forest fires. There is thick, choking smoke everywhere, and the burning smell brings me back to summer camp-outs in northern MN.

Late July has brought hot, smoky, lazy summer days for us this year. Summer is always quiet in the city. With most of our friends gone, and the scorching heat outside, our days have been quiet for the last week.

Economist husband is putting in extra-long hours at work with his colleague on vacation, and I’ve been experimenting with new recipes for our farmer’s market finds, and putting some time in on writing and other projects. As an extrovert, I miss a lot of out-of town friends, but it’s nice to get some time to work on what I love to do. M. is looking forward to having his big work project over on Friday, and welcoming his coworker back to the city SOON!

Enchilada’s were yesterday, so I think it’s stuffed pasta shells with market eggplant, squash, tomatoes and peppers tonight!

P.S. More reading on Moscow’s choking, smoky smog from Reuters HERE. Also the source for the fantastic Red Square photo above!

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