Monday Translating

Air conditioning blasting, laundry drying on the rack in our living room, and I’m typing away at some translations for an article that’s due TODAY.

I love Mondays. No early morning class means I get to sleep in and get caught up on housework, organization, and any other projects that I haven’t previously had the energy or free time to work on. After a long weekend of rest (which consisted mostly of escaping the heat with movies, air conditioning and ice cream in our living room this weekend!), my batteries are full, and my brain is working again.

Today I have an article on volunteerism in Russia due, and I’m trying to translate some quotes from a densely-worded scholarly article on the subject. Here’s a sample of one of the toughest paragraphs for you:

As far as the accumulation of knowledge, practices and practical experience the administration of volunteer resources has observed a change in organizational form and methods of work with volunteers; in society there is the widening of view of the role and opportunities of volunteerism; citizens’ trust of the work of non-commercial organizations is growing stronger;

Ouch! Obviously it needs some serious polishing!! I think a career in translation is NOT for me! Anyway, back to work – no more procrastinating with wordpress…

PS. For those of you ever in need of a quick Russian-English word translation, MULTI-TRAN is a fantastic site. I, personally have it saved on my firefox browser for easy access. I know all you fellow russophiles are going to go right out and do the same JUST as soon as you finish this post!! 🙂

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