What a Week!

It’s a bit like dating, really.

I’ve been riding on a nervous, can’t-believe-my-good-fortune high. Two job offers in two days! Very dramatic. It’s nice to feel like a much-wanted employee, but a bit jumpy to have options flying back and forth and the pressure of having to make an important decision quickly – especially with visa, professional reputation, ethical considerations, and dream-job possibilities throwing weight on the situation.

Thus the courting illustration. Two attractive offers from reputable sources. Weighing my options carefully, talking with family and friends. One polite, carefully-worded rejection letter, “It’s not you – it’s me and my career choices!” And one enthusiastic acceptance letter, “So, when do we meet to talk?” (and sign a contract)

I think I’ve finally decided to go with the TV Producer job. It’s more fun, better pay, and more what I want to do long term.

The whole thing makes me very thankful!

holy experience

I’m thankful for:

9. Two job offers in one week!

10. God’s faithful answers to prayer – we’ve been praying about journalism for a long time. Two years ago I couldn’t have even imagined getting a job offer anything like this – now I have TWO!

11. Living in a city that makes me “exclusive” as a bilingual American employee. In New York I wouldn’t even be allowed to bring coffee to a TV producer. Here I can get a job as one!

12. A husband who supports me, advises me, and walks through all the big and little career steps with me (everything from daily prayer, to advice, to last-minute phone calls to listen to my attempts at diplomatic emailing!)

13. Friends and family who are willing to listen and give advice, and support with prayers, and phone conversations!

14. The chance to have a dream career, and get paid for doing something I love!

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