Raspberries, job interview, and guide to living in Moscow….

raspberries for breakfast!

raspberries for breakfast!

It’s been a long day…………………

  • up at 6AM for a cold shower (we’re currently serving our mandatory Moscow sentence of 2 weeks of hot water deprivations).
  • Early morning class with a fantastic political discussion
  • (excitingly!) an interview for a journalist position! I think it went pretty well – we’ll see if they offer me a real estate reporter position
  • Lovely lunch with dear friend, M., on Tverskaya – garlicky salad, thick-crusted sandwich and hot black coffee
  • Tart, red, sun-ripened raspberries for 160 rubles in a cardboard box not far from the metro exit on the way home! Yum!
  • An afternoon of email writing and text-translation (for a different position I’m applying for)
  • Evening class at Moscow City
  • More text translation at home after work, and waiting for my man to come home from guys’ curry night out.

I’ll end the night with a fantastic article on a recently issued guide for foreigners living in Moscow…read it – you’ll laugh! A Guide for Parking, Swearing and Weeing

PS. the lovely above raspberry photo is stolen from a talented photographer on flickr, who you can find HERE

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