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A Walk with Anne and Diana

A Walk with Anne and Diana

I’ve set up shop in the kitchen for now – withering lilacs on the table, 3-hour wash cycle sudding loudly in the machine, bolognese sauce simmering in the crock pot, and a sticky floor with carrot gratings, and grease drippings is better than working in my cramped living room corner. Not that I’ve gotten much work done today. I’ve spent almost the entire day surfing the web for information on L.M. Montgomery.

Anne of Green Gables was a childhood hero of mine – and it continues to be the highest of compliments to be associated with her. I haven’t touched the books for a long time – it felt like I couldn’t reconcile dreamy P.E.I. landscapes, and small-town romances to teaching business English in skyscrapers, and the daily trudge of my harsh, fast-paced Moscow existence. Spring is the perfect time to seek Anne out again, though, and reading through the “Emily” and “Anne” series has been therapeutic – sharpening my senses to savor all the little beauties, quirky relationships, and lovely blessings my life is actually full of here.

I’ve been rather dragged down in terms of productivity (How DID Lucy Maud ever write so many books???). I’m full of ideas, but lacking in discipline. My cup overfloweth with good beginnings and inspiration, but I’ve got to shoulder the harness in terms of making any progress. Here’s a list of my most recent ideas:

  1. the LM Montgomery Project – like the Julie and Julia Project or the “A Walk With Jane” book or the Jane Austen Quote of the Day blog.
  2. “Call Me Cordelia”. Really, I should have a pen name. Seems that LM Montgomery was an authoress obsessed with secrecy(see the editorial review)…
  3. An Autobiographical summer – memoir, writing, reading, work, discipline. Here’s an idea for another big project. I should spend the summer working on autobiography, or even an LM Montgomery-style fictional character. It seems all her characters were based on and taken in large part from her journals and memories of herself. It’s like she keeps popping up in different forms in her fiction.
  4. Anne in the City. I get a bit bitter reading through Anne’s worship of trees, and walks along moonlit seashores. Moscow is as big a city as you can find – the “silence of the woods, of the shore, of the meadows, of the night, of the summer afternoon…” is nowhere to be found here, and even where you can get among trees there are always rabid dogs, piles of garbage, and drunk homeless people wandering around to spoil things. But a city has a charm of its own, doesn’t it? If nothing else there is LOADS of “scope for the imagination” here. I need to seek out, savor and capture the whimsy of the city. Photography, painting, long walks, and reading books by those who appreciate metropolitan living would help with this I’m sure…
  5. Lucy Maud worked as a journalist in Halifax for some time. See? Isn’t journalism a great idea? I should stick to it. Plus my wonderful husband is so supportive of it…

Now which path of inspiration to take???

On another note, did you know that L.M. Montgomery is suspected of committing suicide? Also, her husband was clinically depressed for decades. The news sadly shatters my fairyland Anne and Emily worlds. In other ways it’s reassuring, after holding myself up to the standard of the Green Gables fictional optimism, success, and happy life, it’s something of a relief to remind myself that such a world only exists on paper, and that I haven’t become unusually crusty and cynical.

More L.M. Montgomery resources:

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