Surfing the Web is Good for Your Career!

I’ve finally found a way to justify my internet addiction. Surfing the web, it seems, is actually a way to increase my value to potential employers. A meeting with my former boss last week confirmed everything (she told me to make myself an expert in hunting up news stories via the Russian blogosphere as a tip on how to get myself hired), and has started me off on a crusade to re-immerse myself in the cyber world of internet reading, research, and publishing.

Here are some sites and articles I’ve been inspired by:

1. How to be a Journalism Student: Common sense advice, but stuff I’ve messed up on/been lazy about in the past. I disagree with them about reading books, though. How can reading books NOT be beneficial??? (From a blog about online journalism.)

2. NetVibes. How have I missed this before? It’s a sweet dashboard builder that lets you personalize a homepage with links and RSS feeds. Every time I open up Firefox a lovely weather report, BBC, Ekho Moskvy, Moscow Times, Reuters Press Digest, and International Herald Tribune, are all there on one page for me.

3. Pro-Blogger: Full of advice on professional blogging. I haven’t been taking blogging seriously enough. It’s not just for posting baby pictures, and updates on what you had for lunch. People are making serious money off of it, and it’s a great tool. I’ve been quandering (it IS a word according to!!) back and forth about blogging for too long – wanting to write, but upset by privacy complications….Time to get back into it!

4. More blogging and technology advice from Wild Apricot. They suggest using lists, visuals, and posting regularly, for example…

5. The Simple Dollar. My economist- investing-genius-husband was very excited to see me reading this. A great blog full of professional, financial, frugal, and other great tips.

All for now…

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