calm Saturday night…

It’s all quiet now. The night is dark with a few flickering yellow street and building lights. Distant city traffic is a low whisper out my window, the washing machine is silent, and my man is off at weekly tennis. It’s a nice hush, though.

I’ve spent the entire day inside, and have a nice, rested, calm and clean feel – I’ve finally restored a minimum of order to my life and our apartment. It was a nice, lazy morning -woke up late to a hot, sunny room, and spent a few hours with my man, eating a big pancake BREAKFAST, talking, lounging, and listening to an audio internet panel of Christian traders. There was wasted time – facebook and CNN videos about Haiti, lots of cleaning, laundry, and finally I was able to sit down for a good quiet time with God.

He fills my life and this home with His Presence that brings with it beauty, order, love, meaning, life, joy, and peace. Everything blossoms and becomes more sharply defined when He is here! I sat on the couch with Him here as I read John 13:1-30 and heard His love as He served us and washed the disciples’ feet, and His challenge as He said that we should do the same.

Now I look back on the past week – our second week back in Moscow. What a whirlwind! Lots of work, lots of exhaustion! A few highlights:

  • Bought a red dress at H&M in Metropolis for 700 rubles. I love looking pretty.
  • accountability with friends (for which I was LATE!)
  • delicious, healthy steamed dinners with my man
  • Bible study on MLK
  • lunch with M. on Thursday – and his department’s investment commission was successfully approved!! šŸ™‚
  • starting back at Moscow Times (journalism is so good for me!)
  • offer from D. to intern for awhile at BBC
  • it seems the door might close on Reuters for now. No more possibility to intern there, and no immediate prospects for a job…K. encouraged me to apply elsewhere, and promised high recommendations. My resume is starting to look more and more polished…..thank you God!!
  • fun, friendly chat with O. and I. in the JTI lobby…economist husband says we should invite them for dinner…
  • drinks out with some journalists on Thursday…it went so well! A blessing, and a reminder not only of God’s goodness, but also to not be afraid – just think “What’s the worst that can happen?”
  • Note to self: don’t interview people at restaurants or in movie theaters. Apparently that’s a no-no!
  • How to avoid self-inflicted torture: learn to type fast on a Cyrillic keyboard!!!
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